SWFI grantees encounter a wide range of challenges in recruiting participants to their programs, including finding participants who are ready for and interested in training for career pathways towards middle- and high-skilled employment in their target industries. Successes include tailoring marketing materials to better engage potential participants, and referring individuals to related services to better prepare them for SWFI training.

On May 3, 2018, at 1PM ET, the SWFI TA team hosted a webinar on outreach and recruiting strategies with Dan Friend, a senior researcher at Mathematica and an expert on recruiting participants to grant-based programs. Dan has been recruiting participants to programs and evaluations for over 15 years.  He has recruited participants in a wide range of areas including family support, behavioral health, and clinical trials.  Based on these experiences, Dan has identified a number of best practices for recruiting participants that he shared with SWFI grantees during the May 3rd webinar.

Later in May, SWFI TA coaches will conduct peer sharing calls with SWFI grantees to build on the best practices shared during the webinar.  In preparation for the webinar and peer sharing calls, grantees have been encouraged to review their recruitment challenges and successes using these discussion questions as a guide for conversations with their grant teams, SWFI TA coaches, and other grantees during the peer sharing calls. These discussion questions were also sent to SWFI grantees from the SWFI mailbox on April 26th.

We have also posted several new resources to the CoP to help grantees in their outreach and recruitment endeavors. These are described in this month’s blog post.