Using Behavioral Prompts to Improve Recruitment and Retention

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This month, the H-1B SWFI Community of Practice (CoP) features a blog post outlining how behavioral prompts can be used to improve recruitment and retention for SWFI grantees.


After reading the blog post, we encourage you to connect with your fellow grantees and SWFI TA coaches through the CoP discussion board, where we have posted discussion questions related to these behavioral prompts.

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2/22/2019 9:48 PM by Martha Mooneyhan

This article was attached to the agenda for a monthly SWFI partner conference call with training provider coordinators and referral partners and sent to them several days in advance so they had time to read it before the call. We used it as a jumping off point to address the role of relationship building to aid in obtaining outcome information from participants for achieving metrics. Very helpful!

2/25/2019 9:46 PM by Nickie Fung

Thanks so much for sharing how this post helped you engage with your training provider coordinators and referral partners, Martha! DOL has also shared this post on behavioral prompts to other grant programs, in addition to the SWFI grantees. We hope this post inspired a great conversation and we are so glad it was helpful!

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