We’re very excited to announce the launch of the H-1B Strengthening Working Families Initiative (SWFI) Community of Practice. This online community will be the location for all technical assistance resources, news and collaboration for grantees.

Our main goal with this site is to foster a space that facilities peer-to-peer sharing and learning. While we at ETA will certainly have a lot of guidance to offer, we also have much to learn from those working directly in the field. More importantly, grantees will have a lot to learn from each other as these programs get launched and best practices begin to emerge. I want to encourage all members of this community to utilize the tools on this site to engage with us and each other in order to develop the promising practices that positively serve SWFI’s participants. Here are some of the key components of this site that we think can accomplish just that:

Discussion Topics

This tool is designed to be an open forum for grantees, TA providers, and ETA to interact. As an example, this can be a great venue to ask questions about performance, start a conversation thread to share your career pathways models or ask for best practices on leveraging public and private resources to provide training participants access to child care. We’ve kicked things off by starting a discussion thread on General Assistance. Check it out here. If you have a topic that you would like to see and be a part of, don’t be shy and start one of your own!

Membership Directory

The Member Directory is like a rolodex that you can use to connect with your WorkforceGPS colleagues. This is a great feature to contact your fellow grantees on a one to one basis. To better understand how to use this feature, view this video, which will walk you through setting up your own profile and connecting with other dedicated workforce professionals like yourself.


This is just the first of many blogs we plan on developing and disseminating over the life of these grants. We hope to utilize this component to share not only our attitudes but the voices of other great thought leaders and subject matter experts with great knowledge in workforce development.


Please check this tab regularly to stay informed about upcoming SWFI events, including webinars, peer learning calls, and more. If you click here, you will find some upcoming events we have already listed.

Let us know what you think. Every page on this Community has a “Comment” section at the bottom. We want to hear what you have to say! Let’s start a conversation!