Day 2 Plenary Sessions:

Plenary Session: SWFI Grants Management and Fiscal Policy- The 5 ‘W’s of Good Grants Management

  • In this session, grantees learned more about effective grants management and Federal Project Officer (FPO) monitoring.

    • Resource: The 5 W’s of Good Grants Management PPT

SWFI Grants Management Plenary Session: Performance Reporting

  • In this session, grantees gained an understanding of current and future performance reporting expectations. Grantees reviewed the current interim reporting guidance for the quarter ending September 30, 2017 and learned about the performance reporting processes to submit participant-level data to the Workforce Integrated Performance System (WIPS), starting with the quarter ending December 31, 2017.

    • Resource: Performance Reporting Guidance PPT

Plenary Session: Program Implementation, Promising Practices, and Lessons Learned-Foundation Perspectives

  • During this session, representatives from foundations that run programs and networks with similar objectives to SWFI described promising practices and lessons learned for engaging participants and partners and planning for sustainability.

    • Resources: ASCEND/ The ASPEN Institute  PPT; Advancing Two-Generation Approaches Developing An Infrastructure to Address Parent and Child Needs Together (Information Sheet)

Plenary Session: Peer Learning and ask the Systems Experts-Child Care Systems Mapping

  • This session was designed to build the on the Peer Learning on Child Care and Supportive Services Systems Mapping session. Grantees discussed challenges and successes in providing child care and supportive services to SWFI clients to facilitate peer learning.

    • Resource: Mapping the Child Care Needs of Participants in Education and Training Worksheet